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Art in the South Hall - Interim Exhibit

The Broadmead Arts Council cordially invites Broadmead residents, team members, their families and friends to see and enjoy a new art exhibition in South Hall.  Called “Interim Exhibit,” the show consists of paintings from the permanent Broadmead Collection and paintings on loan from Arts Council members.  It will be on view until interior construction on the new entrance begins early in January, 2024. 

About the Arts Council

Broadmead Art Council fosters a long-established tradition of art appreciation at Broadmead. It was formed shortly before the inception of Broadmead's Master Plan. Its two current goals are: To acquire art for a new, permanent collection--The Broadmead Collection--and to mount exhibitions in South Hall.  It also encourages the long-standing tradition of art shows in East Hall. The Council, whose members include Broadmead residents and administrators, reaffirms Broadmead’s longstanding tradition of supporting the arts. It is a working group of the Broadmead Board of Trustees’ Strategic Planning Committee.

Several cash gifts have been made from residents, which will enable the Arts Council to purchase pictures suitable for The Broadmead Collection, the long-term project to acquire significant art for the Broadmead Community.  Acquisitions will be focused on local and Maryland artists or artists with connections to Broadmead. A special effort will be made to identify the work of emerging artists. Broadmead, Inc. will own and maintain the Collection. 

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