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Great Decisions


Briefing Books

The Great Decisions 2024 Briefing Books are now available. To obtain a copy, make out a check for $35 payable to “Broadmead Residents Association” with a “Briefing Book” notation.  Send the check to Michael Yaggy, G-3.  The Briefing Books provide an analysis of the 2024 topics and will be helpful in thinking about the issues at hand, and identifying areas of concern, inquiry, and comment.  A book will be delivered shortly after the receipt of the check.

Dates and Topics

The Great Decisions 2024 Program will begin on Thursday, February 1, 2024.  The 2024 presentations will all begin at 3:00 pm in the Auditorium with participation by Zoom being available.  The dates and subjects of these challenging programs are shown below:


February 1                          Mideast Realignment

February 8                          Climate Technology and Competition

February 15                        Science Across the Borders

February 22                        U.S. - China Trade Rivalry

February 29                        NATO’s Future

March 7                              Understanding Indonesia

March 14                            High Seas Treaty

March 21                            Pandemic Preparedness


The February 1st topic will be particularly relevant given the ongoing developments in the Mideast.  As in the past, each presentation will begin with introductory comments by Barry Rascovar, followed by a topic-related video, and then an open floor for comments, questions, observations, and opinions moderated by Barry.  All are invited and encouraged to actively participate in the post-video discussion.  Questions?  Contact Michael Yaggy.


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