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BRA Library Online Catalog

To access the BRA library online catalog click here

New library books - June 24, 2024

The Broadmead Library has a new batch of books, mostly of them recently published. Among the large print items, we have new novels by Elizabeth Strout, Tommy Orange, and Amor Towles (short stories) and new mysteries/thrillers by Tana French, Chris Bohjalian, and C. J. Box.

In regular fiction, we have acquired books by two Booker prize nominees/winners: Paul Lynch's Prophet Song, and Paul Murray's  The Bee Sting. B book by Percy Everett, James, retells the story of Huckleberry Finn from the point of view of Jim, the escaped enslaved man who goes with Huck on a raft, down the Mississippi. Finally, there's a large choice of recently published nonfiction. The full list of new books is attached.

When the renovation of the Center began several years ago, the library was required to reduce the number of its books from about 7,000 volumes, scattered over the Center, to about 2,000 volumes, which was the limit that could be shelved on the lower level. Most of the removed books were given away, although some of the old large print books and mysteries are still shelved in the alcove in the auditorium (and can be taken without checking them out).


New books are shelved in the low bookcases near the fireplace. Large print books have a classification number that begins with "LP".


The Broadmead Library catalog is online, and no login or password is required. It will tell you which books the library owns, although not whether the book has been checked out. You can search by author, title, or keyword.  To access the BRA library online catalog click here


If you have any questions, please feel free to contact any of the Library Work Group: (Pat van den Beemt, chair; Priscilla Barrett, Victoria Bragg, Dotty Schwartz, Karen Willig)

Donation Policy and Guidelines

We are grateful to receive your donations but ask that you take a moment to read our Donation Policy and Guidelines so that you know how your donation will be used and which materials are most suitable.

BRA Library Donation Policy
Only a small percentage of donated materials will be incorporated into the library’s catalogue. In previous years, the majority of donated materials were sold at the semi-annual Barn Sales but will now be sold in The Old & New Shop. These sales contribute to BRA’s budget, a portion of which is then allocated to the library to purchase large print books. In this way the materials that you donate result in the greatest benefit to the residents.

BRA Library Donation Guidelines
The BRA Library’s donation guidelines are consistent with guidelines in place at many public libraries and charitable institutions across the country.

The library is most interested in the following types of new and gently used hardcover and paperback books in good, clean condition:

  • Fiction published within the last 10 years

  • Non-fiction published within the last 10 years (especially science, biography, and music)

  • Large print books

  • Art and photography books

  • Children’s books

  • Audio books on disc

The library cannot use and therefore cannot accept the materials listed below as the burden of disposing of these materials is significant:

  • Books that are grimy, musty, moldy, mildewed or generally in poor condition

  • General reference books (encyclopedias, dictionaries, Physician’s Desk Reference, travel guides, tax guides)

  • Reader’s Digest Condensed books

  • Cookbooks

  • Bibles and hymnals

  • Textbooks

  • Time-Life books

  • Foreign language books

  • Periodicals such as National Geographic or professional journals

  • Computer programs/software

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