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  • Website url: or 

    • Bookmark this in your browser to remember it

    • It can be linked from Caremerge if you forget, but it is a clumsy way to get to the site.

  • Review how the website is laid out

    • Information about the BRA and Broadmead.

    • Information about the BRA activities that are available.

    • Information about what is going on.

  • The website was created to support the Barn Sale's furniture department's catalogue of furniture for sale.

    • The catalogue showed pictures of the furniture and the prices.

    • Catalogue

    • When the Community Center opened up, the Catalogue became unnecessary.

  • After the Catalogue was operational, we looked at expanding the use of the site to collect and publish information about the BRA and its activities to the residents.

  • The website is not meant to replace Caremerge.  It is designed to make available information available that is not on Caremerge or that is  difficult for Caremerge to present. 

  • There is some redundancy between the BRA website and Caremerge, but the information is presented differently on the two.  The BRA website is a website where Caremerge is an application on the internet that has features programmed into it.

  • Caremerge is an integral and necessary part of life at Broadmead.

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