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Tree Inventory & Maintenance

Report on Broadmead Tree Care and Well Being 15 May 2024

Stan Wilson has written a comprehensive report on the Care and Well Being of Broadmead Trees highlighting the work that has been done, the maintenance planned for the summer of 2024, and where the tree program stands financially.  Click here to read the report.

Tree Inventory & Assessment. 

Bartlett has extended our inventory & assessment beyond the initial 600 trees to include all of the trees in the designated areas on our campus.  The inventory can be viewed here on the read-only website, or ArborScope. 


Broadmead Tree Maintenance Fund

Established in 2023, the Broadmead Tree Maintenance Fund is dedicated to addressing deferred tree maintenance. It is focused on the care and maintenance of trees on the Broadmead campus including, but not limited to pruning, fertilization, pest and pathogen management, removal, and replacement.  Any use of the Broadmead Tree Maintenance Fund will be approved by the CEO of Broadmead or her designee under the advisement/recommendation of the Buildings & Grounds Committee.  Gifts to the Tree Fund will ensure that the care and maintenance plan for Broadmead’s trees as prioritized by the Bartlett Tree Experts’ 2022 tree survey will stay on schedule in current and coming years.  A donor interested in making a tax-deductible gift should write a check payable to Broadmead Inc. with an indication of Broadmead Tree Fund in the memo line and send or delivered to Eleanor Landauer, VP of Advancement and Communication.  Please contact her for more information or options on other ways to make a gift (443) 578-8044,

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