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Barn Sale Annual Report -FY 2023 (Click here to read)

Barn Sale Donation Guidelines

The Greater Barn Sale will receive inventory from all residents every Thursday from 10:00 am to noon and 2:00 to 4:00 pm.  Please deliver ALL (except books) donations to the Barn Sale workroom in the back hall of the Lower Level of the Center.  Book donations are the second Thursday of the month in the library area (more info).    Please make sure all clothing is clean, in good repair and desirable by another person. also, please no men's trousers or suits.  All donations to the Barn Sale contribute to the support of the many BRA  activities we enjoy.  For any questions or concerns please email Lucy Wright.

The Barn Sale also accepts donations from families of residents who are moving to assisted living or who have passed away.  We also accept donations from new residents who are downsizing during their move to Broadmead.  Click below for donation guides for these situations.


Thank you for your interest in and support of the Greater Barn Sale. It provides a major source of funds in support of BRA activities.

About the Greater Barn Sale

The Greater Barn Sale provides the largest source of funds in support of BRA programs.  It does so through the sale of donated items – e.g., furniture, clothing, kitchenware, linens, pictures, China, glassware, knick-knacks – that are no longer needed.  Not only does this assist residents and their families in recycling those items, but it helps build a sense of community on the part of participating residents.  Residents, staff, families and friends are all able to make purchases at very reasonable prices.

The Barn Sale is staffed by a team of resident volunteers who receive, price and sell donations from our community.  Click here to view the Barn Sale's organization.


Last year’s net contribution by the Greater Barn Sale (GBS) to the BRA amounted to only ~$19K.  Our goal is to return to a pre-covid, pre-Center-renovation annual contribution level of ~$45K. Contact: Stan Wilson


There currently are three components: Mini Barn Sales, the Old & New Shop and Sales by Appointment.       


Mini Barn Sales.  The response to the covid pandemic, coupled with the renovation of the Center, forced the GBS to rethink how we do business. This reduction in traditional activities – such as no semi-annual traditional Barn Sales and the relocation of the Old & New Shop – provided an opportunity to renovate and reorganize the Barn Sale Workroom on the back hall of the Center’s lower level; it is now able to function as a sales outlet.  We had an initial Mini Barn Sale during Tent Week 2021 – our first sales event in two years – followed by four specialty Mini Barn Sales out of the Barn Sale Workroom and lower-level hallway.  We are next planning an Expanded Mini Barn Sale for Friday/Saturday November 18/19 where we will utilize the lobby/open space in the lower-level of the Center and the three contiguous meeting rooms, in addition to our Workroom and lower-level hallway. Contact: Judy Lorenz   


The Old & New Shop offers an assortment of higher end merchandise, items that you might like to give a friend or family member.  These items, donated by residents, include jewelry, clothing, home decor, furniture, clothing and books.  The Shop also features a selection of greeting cards for many occasions, as well as cards designed by resident artists, stamps, and Broadmead Honey in season.  Forced to close due to renovation of the Center more than two years ago, we could not be more pleased that the Shop – in its new and prominent location on the lower level next to the Bistro – is once again open and serving the Broadmead community. Contact: Connie McCulloch


Sales by Appointment are those that do not occur in conjunction with a Mini Barn Sale or the Old & New Shop; they can be arranged at any time.  Many of the items being sold are furniture and involve Tom, the Furniture Department Head.  For non-furniture items, Stan is the contact.  If there is a need for a particular item, a resident can contact Tom or Stan.  Let them know what he/she is looking for, so when it might become available, the resident can be directed to the appropriate department head to purchase that item.  Contact: Tom Boytim and Stan Wilson


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