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About the BRA

The  Broadmead   Residents  Association   (BRA) is  governed   by  an  Executive  Committee,   members   of  which   are elected   by  the  residents,   and  a   Board  of  Directors,   composed  of  The  Executive  Committee   and   representatives   from  the   independent   living clusters  as  well  as  those   in  assisted  living  and  comprehensive   care.  


Independent   of  Broadmead   Inc.,  the   BRA  is  financed  almost   entirely   by  money   raised  at  its  Barn  Sales, the Old and New Shop,  the  Wood   Shop,  Sew  and  So,  Apiary,  and  interest   on  invested  funds  and  by  an  annual  contribution  from   Broadmead,   Inc.   

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Broadmead Resident Email List (for current residents)

  • Broadmead has a residential email list.  To join send an email to:

  • To join the Broadmead Business email list: Send an email to:

  • If you are already a member of either of these list, do this if your email address changes.

Listserv Guidelines

There has been some discussion about the use of the email system, listserv.  Here is a link to guidelines that were established several years ago about its use.  Listserv Guidelines 

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