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BRA Committees


The Board of Directors shall consist of the elected officers (President, First Vice President, Second Vice President, Secretary, Associate Secretary, Treasurer, and Associate Treasurer) plus the Cluster Coordinator, Activities Coordinator, the two elected Representatives to the Board of Trustees, and one Representative from each cluster, including Taylor, and Hallowell. The immediate past President shall serve as an ex officio member of the Board of Directors.



President                                                             Kathryn Shelton, P1
First Vice President                                             Marsha Howes, Y202
Second Vice President                                        Stan Wilson, B6
Secretary                                                            Karen Meadow, P12
Associate Secretary                                            Leslie Glickman, G7
Treasurer                                                             Bill Hardy, Y207
Associate Treasurer                                            Eric van den Beemt, H5
Cluster Coordinator                                             Ralph Cook, M10
Activities Coordinator                                          Betty Legenhausen, U108
Representatives to the Board of Trustees           Denise Love, K15;
                                                                            Anne Perkins, U302
Finance Committee Chair                                   Vernon Wright, W8, ex officio
Immediate Past President                                   Jack Griffith, R3 ex officio



Finance: Vernon Wright, Chair; Alice Cherbonnier, Nancy Funk, Jack Griffith, Bill Hardy, Sharon Karsk, Betty Legenhausen, Warren Moos, Gene Swackhamer, Eric van den Beemt; BRA President Kath Shelton, 1st VP Marsha Howes, 2nd VP Stan Wilson, ex officio.

Buildings and Grounds: Eric van den Beemt, Chair; Jeanette Anders, Sheila Fitzgerald, Roger Karsk, Bill Mangels, Roger Michel: BRA President Kath Shelton, 1st VP Marsha Howes and 2nd VP Stan Wilson, ex officio;  Staff: Joyce Malone, VP Facilities Services; Jesse Russell, Sr. Director of Facility Services

Food Service: Lin Hardy, Chair; Sandra Angell, Paula Scheye, Susan Farnandis, Mary Jane Schroeder, Phyllis Hoyer; 1st VP Marsha Howes, ex officio; Staff: Dan Hall, Director of Dining & Hospitality; Melinda Purkey, Food
Service Admin. Manager; Jerrell Fleming, Exec. Chef; Charles Wright, Dietary Manager; Joseph Tubman, Arbor Café/Bistro Manager

Healthcare: Sue Appling, Chair; Jen Hobbins, Marilyn Winkelstein, Elenor Reid, Chuck Angell, Leslie Glickman; Kath Shelton, BRA President, ex officio; Staff: Ann Patterson, VP Broadmead Health Services.

Greater Barn Sale: Stan Wilson, Chair; Lucy Wright, Judy Lorenz, Elsa Collins, Tom Boytim, Barry French, Connie McCulloch, Lin Hardy: BRA President Kath Shelton and 1st VP Marsha Howes, ex officio



Financial Review Committee:                Herb Goldman

  (BRA, Old & New Shop, Barn Sale)        Martin Pilochowsky

Nominating Committee:              Jack Griffith, Chair; Lin Hardy, Sharon         

                                                      Swackhamer, Pat van den Beemt, Bruce



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