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BRA Activities

Spiritual Activites


ORGANIZER: Libby Champney

WHERE: Community Center, Fireplace Room

WHEN: Every Sunday, 10.30 to 11:15 am

DETAILS: All are invited



ORGANIZER: Carel Hedlund
WHERE: Seminar Room
WHEN: Monthly on variable Thursdays
DETAILS: A speaker from the Towson Universal Unitarian Church comes once a month to discuss various ethical questions.  All are invited.



ORGANIZER: Joanne Tetrault
WHERE: Community Center, Auditorium
WHEN: Third Sunday of the month, 4:00 pm
DETAILS: Vespers is a short service of evening prayer originating from the ancient Daily Office of prayers. “Vesper” comes from the Latin meaning “evening”— although here at Broadmead, we offer Vespers in the late afternoon. Vespers services are provided by a variety of invited clergy — men and women — and inspirational music may be included, as well.


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