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BRA Activities

Interest Groups

ASTRONOMY (organizing)

WHERE: Outside somewhere
WHEN: Various
DETAILS: Proposed objectives

1.  Share various interests in astronomy with each other and with the Broadmead community

2.  Have scheduled or impromptu events for particular observations or just to get acquainted with the night sky

3.  Share information about good places to observe from, both on and off the Broadmead campus

4.  Lobby for there to be dark places on campus to observe from


WHERE: Community Center, Seminar Room
WHEN: Last Wednesday of the Month, 1:00 to 2:00 pm, except June, July, and August
DETAILS: Residents meet informally to share genealogy knowledge and experience


ORGANIZER: Bill Hakkarinen and Fred Terry
WHERE: Community Center, Fireside Room
WHEN: 4th Wednesday of each month at 10:00 am
DETAILS: Residents share common interests in trains, explore options for creating a holiday season Community Center train garden, and visit regional, scenic and historic venues relating to trains and railroading.


ORGANIZER: Marsha Howes
WHERE: Lower level, Community Center, Photography Room
WHEN: Regularly, on the 3rd Monday of each month
DETAILS: All Broadmead residents are welcome to attend meetings. As of May, 2022, the club had fourteen enthusiastic photographers of different levels.The agenda for each meeting includes conversation on photographic topics, sharing of ideas, planning photographic exhibits, and occasional demonstrations of techniques by world experts, viewed on the internet.  The Club has an office/workroom on the Lower Level of the Center. This room is for the use of Club members and contains a high-quality computer and a printer capable of producing exceptionally large high-quality prints.  Frames are available for use in Club exhibits.  Exhibits of members’ work are hung in the Lower Level of the Community Center.  Exhibits may feature the work of one member, or include works by different members on a particular theme, such as “Drama,”“Travel,” or “Flowers.”  Once a year, the Club is asked to put on an exhibit in the Community Center’s East Hall. Members usually display between three and five photographs of their choice.  The Club also sponsors and organizes an exhibit of “Smart Phone” photographs. Residents who do not participate in Club activities are invited to submit their smart phone photographs. These photographs are judged by the Club, and the winning pictures are exhibited.

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