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BRA Activities

Music Activities


ORGANIZERS: Bill Breakey, Susanne Crowder
WHERE: Rehearsals and performances are in the Auditorium

WHEN: Rehearsals: Fridays at 10:30 am.  Performances, two per year, as scheduled.
DETAILS: The Broadmead Chorus meets weekly under the direction of Kathie Metz.  Members sing a variety of music and prepare for two concerts a year for fellow residents. The emphasis is on having a good time, and new voices are always welcome.


ORGANIZER: Sharon McKinley
WHERE: Auditorium
WHEN: 1st Monday of the month at 7:00 pm
DETAILS: Everyone who likes to sing is welcome.  ​ "Let's Sing" is an informal gathering of Broadmead residents who meet once a month to sing popular songs. Jonathan Jensen, a Baltimore Symphony Orchestra player, leads the group on the piano.


ORGANIZER: Denise Love
WHERE: Community Center Auditorium
WHEN: As scheduled
DETAILS: The committee of residents meets as needed to select the types of programs to present to the community. Programs vary and have included choir, opera singers, folk music, blue grass music, brass groups, classical ensembles, and pianists. Handout programs and an article for The Voice are responsibilities of the committee.


ORGANIZER: Denise Love
WHERE: Throughout the Community Center
WHEN: Ongoing
DETAILS: A committee member checks the room’s climate control system regularly to make certain it contains enough water to provide proper relative humidity for maintenance of the piano’s tone, pitch, and quality of action. A visit from a registered piano tuner is arranged prior to each concert requiring a piano. If there is a time span of three or more months since the last use of the piano, a tuning is scheduled.

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