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BRA Activities

Current Events


DETAILS: A committee is responsible for three programs annually, each consisting of four sessions on a related topic during fall, winter, and spring.  The committee has been in existence since 1990. Programs over the past years have presented remarkable speakers in the arts, history, religion, geography, current events, and science. Presenters have been experts from the Baltimore-Washington area as well as Broadmead residents. This committee always needs committee members who will research, plan, arrange speakers, arrange spaces, and advertise events.



ORGANIZER: Brigid Goody
WHERE: Zoom and auditorium, when available
WHEN: A summer series, with six weekly meetings beginning in late July, at 3:30–5:00 pm,
DETAILS: Current Events is a six-week summer program, a companion program to our Great Decisions winter program. The committee engages an outside expert to give presentations on the political state of our country, both locally, nationally, and globally.



ORGANIZER: Michael Yaggy
WHERE: Zoom and auditorium, when available
WHEN: A winter series, with nine weekly meetings in February and March, at 3:30–5:00 pm
DETAILS: Each winter, the BRA sponsors a series of nine presentations and discussions of foreign policy issues. The program is built on the materials provided by the Foreign Policy Association (FPA). A briefing book which contains background information is available from the FPA website: Briefing book orders will open on the FPA site in late October. An early order discount is available. A list of topics can be found at the FPA website.


MaCCRA (Maryland Continuing Care Residents Asociation)

LEADERSHIP: President, Joanne Goldsmith; Secretary, Susan Appling; Treasurer, Barbara Scheinin; Membership, Denise Love; Board Member - Walter Burnett
WHERE: On-site or, at times, in Annapolis
WHEN: Periodic, with special events announced over the resident email listserv. MACCRA offers an educational program for members through webinars, meetings, newsletters, and emails.
DETAILS: The organization (at describes itself as “The Voice of CCRC Residents.” Since 1993, MaCCRA has been dedicated to protecting and enhancing the rights and financial security of CCRC residents, through legislation. Over the years, MaCCRA has supported common sense legislative and regulatory changes in Maryland to protect consumers and to require more transparency and financial stability in the operation of CCRCs, among other things. Alma Smith has been President of the Broadmead Chapter for ten years. MACCRA currently has over 100 members, across approximately 20 CCRC chapters.


WHERE: Currently meeting on Zoom and conference call
WHEN: Second Tuesday of each month at 1:00 P M, year-round
DETAILS: In July and August, the Committee meets to evaluate our activities from the previous year, make suggestions, make plans for the new year and address other things that might come up.  The committee focuses on the multiplicity of issues associated with building greater diversity within a continuing care retirement community. It promotes an environment of understanding and respect between and among residents, staff, and trustees regarding the many aspects of diversity. It seeks to enhance diversity through its programs and activities.  We welcome new members.



ORGANIZER: Al Berkeley & Mike Goodrich
WHERE: Auditorium
WHEN: Periodically, throughout the year
DETAILS: Open Forum attempts to mirror both the Open Forum that filled the Lyric Theater before WWII and the current Baltimore Speakers Series at the Meyerhoff.  Programs are not educational but informative, not entertaining but intriguing.  Committee members recruit expert speakers from government, academia, the media, and science. They include authors, researchers, and politicians. Often residents suggest or sponsor friends, family members and others with a good story, Speakers are recognized with an honorarium. The committee hosts the speakers for dinner in the Holly Terrace before the presentation and Q&A in the auditorium.


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