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BRA Activities

Health Care

HEAR HERE (Hearing)

ORGANIZER: Susan O'Connor

WHERE: As available

WHEN: As scheduled

DETAILS: Over 60% of Broadmead residents self-report hearing loss. The HearHere Committee serves the residents who experience hearing loss and those trying to communicate with them. The committee sponsors lectures by outside professionals on medical research and supportive equipment. There are also less formal ”conversation” meetings on topics related to better listening and self-helps. The committee also works with the Broadmead Administration on disability issues, such as improving acoustics in common areas, and staff education on communication tools to use with individuals with hearing loss.

INSIGHT (Low Vision)

ORGANIZER: Angela Breakey

WHERE: Community Center, as available

WHEN: As scheduled

DETAILS: The committee was started in 2015 with the focus on enabling those with low vision to live as full a life as possible, regardless of limitations. It is also a forum for residents to share their own experiences and ideas. The committee invites speakers, has demonstrations of magnifiers and assistive devices, and receives advice and assistance from occupational therapists.

PARKINSON'S (and related disorders)

ORGANIZER: Anne Patterson


WHEN: Scheduled as speakers are available

DETAILS: Since 2020, BRA residents interested in learning about Parkinson’s gather to share their insights, reflections, discussions, and experiences.  Meetings have been held via Zoom and face-to-face (Zoom is current).

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