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BRA Activities

Nature Activities


WHERE: The Broadmead Apiary, on Copper Beech Lane
WHEN: The beekeepers meet as needed
DETAILS: The Broadmead Apiary, established in 2013, is operated and maintained by residents, led by those who are trained and experienced beekeepers. Throughout the year they inspect the beehives, medicate when necessary, feed the bees sugar syrup, replace hives that die and harvest the honey into jars for sale. The proceeds from the honey sale (amounting typically to over $2,000.00 a year) go to the BRA to fund programs (lectures, concerts, etc.) sponsored by the Broadmead Resident Association. Beekeeping is hard work, and beekeepers do get stung sometimes, but they still find the job very rewarding.


ORGANIZER: Karen Meadow
WHEN: Seasonally
DETAILS: Suggests and helps to implement changes in procedures, programs and/or policies at Broadmead that will contribute to helping alleviate the worsening condition of our natural environment.  Discussions have included the use of native plants as much as possible, solar panels on parking lots and roof tops, and things that we can do at Broadmead to try to affect our corner of the natural world and that may help the broader environment.


ORGANIZER: Sharon Karsk
WHERE: Lower level, Community Center, Flower Room
WHEN: 9:30 am Fridays (with daily watering and checking of arrangements)
DETAILS: This committee is made up of resident volunteers who dedicate their time and talents to beautifying the Broadmead Center public spaces.  Among their many responsibilities is the creation of 14 large, fresh-cut flower arrangements for placement throughout the Broadmead Center, plus small table arrangements for the dining centers. Weekly activities
include ordering and conditioning fresh-cut flowers; collecting vases for washing and sanitizing for reuse; gathering foliage from campus; artistically arranging the flowers; mentoring new committee members; mid-week watering of all arrangements; and replacing wilting flowers in individual arrangements. Members also create arrangements for “new resident” receptions and Broadmead’s New Year’s Eve celebration and other holidays.  Occasionally, members lead floral arranging workshops for interested Broadmead residents.



ORGANIZER: Kathleen Truelove
WHERE: Greenhouse (contiguous to Physical Therapy Room)
WHEN: Residents can make use of the greenhouse to store their tender plants between October 15th and May 15th
DETAILS: There is water available in the greenhouse and residents are entirely responsible for their own plants. Plants may be moved around to accommodate everyone, so a named marker is required on each pot.


ORGANIZER: Phyllis Hoyer
WHERE: Community Center, Cabinet Room
WHEN: 2nd Thursdays of the month, 11:00 am
DETAILS: The committee’s mission is to identify threats to nature and to take steps to help alleviate them Some of our work was to provide bluebird nest boxes, a four chambered bat house, and native plants for resident gardens along with annuals for our native pollinators. The committee has sponsored field trips to nature centers, garden parties, and speakers to educate residents on ways they can contribute to a healthy natural environment at Broadmead. The committee initiated new gardening plots and works to keep them viable. Members encourage and support residents in their gardening efforts and try to influence the grounds department in their approach to grounds keeping. There are ample opportunities to contribute to the Nature Committee and to make new friends. New ideas, as well as helping hands, are welcome.


ORGANIZER: Roger Karsk
WHERE: The upper and lower trails of Broadmead
WHEN: The trails are always open for hiking.
TRAIL MAPS: A sign showing a map of the trail system is located at the trail head across the road from the Stony Run entrance to the Center.  Maps are available as handouts from the Wellness Center, as downloadable PDFs from the BRA website, from Caremerge, or from the Nature and Trails website.
DETAILS: The Trails Group is an informal group focused on maintaining the Nature Trails at Broadmead and encouraging their use. Financial support is available from an endowment managed by the Broadmead Administration.  The Trails system includes upper and lower trails. The upper trails, on the North Hill, above the campus, include easy walks, such as the Dogwood Trail, and more challenging, steeper ones such as the Ridge Trail. Among the lower trails, the Western Run Trail follows the stream from W-cluster all the way to York Road. It floods in parts after heavy rains but otherwise is a pleasant walk to observe birds and occasionally beavers and deer.  Members work with the Grounds team, which insures that the trails are walkable, by mowing, mulching, clearing fallen branches and trees, etc.  Members also recommend improvements, such as needed benches or better signage.  Traditionally, the group has coordinated with the Wellness Center to sponsor Trail Day in the spring when residents are encouraged to walk the trails, with guides available.


ORGANIZER: Marsha Howes
WHERE: The Terrace Garden, formerly the Rose Garden, is located in a level area near the current Pickleball Court, south of the Community Center.  Included as part of this garden is a raised bed on the south end of the Pickleball Court and a small water garden in the center of the Terrace Garden.
WHEN: Ongoing
DETAILS: These gardens have been tended for the past 43 years by residents. The gardens can be viewed by all passersby from the sidewalk to their east, and are partly visible from inside the Bistro. The brightly colored blooming plants are an uplifting sight to all, and are also visible to those who use walkers, wheelchairs, scooters and rollators, since the garden
adjoins the main building.  The purpose of this committee is to maintain the Terrace Garden, the raised bed, and the water garden; to remove and replace diseased and wildlife damaged plant material; to use sustainable gardening practices and educate residents about these practices; and to encourage pollinator and wildlife visitors to the gardens, including bees, butterflies, beneficial insects, and birds.


ORGANIZER: Dosia Laeyendecker
WHERE: The fenced garden plots on Copper Beech Lane
WHEN: The committee of one assigns the garden plots inside the deer fence in the spring. Please contact Dosia directly to request a garden plot. 

DETAILS: Residents who want to keep their plots each year may do so, and empty plots are allotted on a first-come, first-served basis. Handicapped accessible, raised beds have been designed and are in place, with soil being  added, and finishing touches currently in process.

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