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BRA Activities

Income Generating


ORGANIZER:  Stan Wilson

WHERE:  Barn Sale Workroom, located on the back hallway of the lower level of the Community Center. 

WHAT:  The Greater Barn Sale has been comprised of (1) two traditional Barn Sales held semiannually; (2) the Old & New Shop; and (3) continuing Offsite Sales. 

WHEN:  Ongoing, with sale events posted throughout the year. 

DETAILS:  The Greater Barn Sale (GBS) has provided and continues to provide a service to residents and their families in the disposal of surplus furniture and other household items when a residence is vacated, as well as an opportunity for residents to dispose of surplus items they no longer need.  It also has provided an opportunity for residents, staff and the public to purchase furniture and other household items at economical prices.  Prior to covid and the renovation, these activities have raised much of the financial resources (approximately $50,000 annually, in the recent past) that fund the programs and activities of the Broadmead Residents Association (BRA).


ORGANIZER:  Judy Lorenz

WHERE:  Barn Sale Workroom, located on the back hallway of the lower level of the Community Center. 

WHEN:  On a monthly basis, as announced.  Until covid protocols relax, thus enabling public participation, the semiannual Barn Sales have been replaced by monthly Mini Barn Sales.

DETAILS: These have occurred on 12 October during Tent Week, as well as 30 Nov/1 Dec, 6-7 April, 11-12 May, and 16-17 June. 


ORGANIZER: Connie McCulloch

WHERE:  Old and New Shop, lower level of the Community Center next to the Bistro

WHEN:  Hours of operation: 10:00 am – 2:00 pm weekdays; closed on weekends and holidays.

DETAILS:  The Old & New Shop offers an assortment of highly desirable merchandise donated by residents, including jewelry, clothing, home decor, furniture and books.  The Shop also features a selection of greeting cards for many occasions, as well as cards designed by resident artists, stamps, and Broadmead Honey in season.


ORGANIZER:  Stan Wilson, Tom Boytim

WHERE:  Barn Sale Workroom and two furniture storerooms, located on the back hallway of the lower level of the Community Center  

WHEN:  Hours of operation: as needed.

DETAILS:  Sales by Appointment (formerly known as Offsite Sales) are those that do not occur in conjunction with a Mini Barn Sale or the Old & New Shop; they can be arranged at any time.  Many of the items being sold are furniture and involve Tom, the Furniture Department Head.  For non-furniture items, Stan is the contact; he will ensure that the appropriate department head is involved.  If there is a need for a particular item, a resident can contact Tom or Stan, as appropriate, to let them know what he/she is looking for, so that when it might become available, the resident can then make an appointment to purchase that item. 


ORGANIZER: Karen Seybold
WHERE: Sew and So Room, lower level of the Community Center
WHEN: Wednesdays, 10:00 am – 12:00 noon
DETAILS: The Sew and So group consists of resident volunteers who meet weekly to repair many different cloth items at the request of the residents and staff. These repairs are done at a minimal cost. Repairs include shortening skirts or pants, mending rips or tears, replacement of buttons, and reduction or expansion of waistbands. Interesting articles repaired include Christmas ornaments, Halloween costumes, boxing gloves, straps for sandals or shoes, tears in bed comforters, and tears caused by pets. The Sew and So group welcomes volunteers, and one does not have to be an expert seamstress or tailor to join.


ORGANIZER: Dave Champney and Fred Terry
WHERE: Woodshop, lower level of the Community Center
WHEN: Ongoing
DETAILS: Residents repair and refinish furniture, do minor carpentry, and minor electrical equipment repairs {lamps, etc.). Cost for the work is modest.  The facility is available to other residents who wish to work on their own projects, with supervision from woodshop members.


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