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BRA Activities

Entertainment & Travel


ORGANIZERS: Currently open
WHERE: Lounge area of auditorium
WHEN: No schedule at this time
DETAILS: Meets in the Lounge area for 90 minutes on the second Monday of each month, except for the cold months of December and January and the hot months of July and August.
Attendance is open to all Broadmead residents and is composed of half dancers and half listeners for an average of about 30 residents. The music is from the Big Band era of the 40s and 50s. The musicians play dance music appropriate to the age, the dexterity, and the balance of our residents.


ORGANIZER: Del Sweeney
WHERE: Fireplace Room off the Bistro, until auditorium is complete
WHEN: 7:00 pm Saturday evenings
DETAILS: The Movie committee selects movies to be shown on Saturday nights, with selections based on resident survey responses and stated preferences. The movies are shown with the help of the AV Committee.



ORGANIZER: Anonymous Committee
WHERE: Community Center
WHEN: New Year’s Eve
DETAILS: The committee is responsible for venue, advertising, a seating chart, the orchestra or band, food, and decorations



ORGANIZER: Denise Love
WHERE: As required by theater schedules
WHEN: As required by theater schedules
DETAILS: The resident organizer and assistants do the following:

• Obtain season schedules for the performance venues, including   Everyman Theater and the Baltimore Symphony Orchestra
• Communicate with Broadmead Transportation Coordinator about those events for which transportation is to be provided
• Advertise those events for which Broadmead will provide transportation
• Post signup sheets on bulletin board and Caremerge, for each series
• Collect money for transportation to each series from each attendee. Note that each attendee purchases their season tickets independently, at their respective box offices.



ORGANIZER: Dave Harley
WHERE: Various
WHEN: Periodically
DETAILS:Tours are organized for the community. Transportation and billing are arranged by Broadmead, Inc. Transportation and costs are billed to residents.


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