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BRA Activities

Social & Community Activities


Outside, “Under the Tent”
WHEN: October or November of each year  (The 2023 fair is being postponed because of the construction to the entrance of the Community Center)
DETAILS: The Broadmead craft show is a chance for residents and staff to display and sell their creations in jewelry, ceramics, wood turning,  dried floral arrangements, beach art, fiber arts, cards, metal work, baked goods, glasswork, and winter greens arrangements, among other things.  Participants pay $10 for a table as a donation to the BRA.



WHERE: Upper Levels of Care; Community Center lower level, Conference Room C; Community Center upper level, Reception Mantle; Holly House

WHEN: December
DETAILS: This committee of residents decorates two areas of the Broadmead Community Center as well as Hallowell Hall, Taylor Hall, and the Holly House for the December celebrations of Christmas, Hanukkah, and Kwanzaa. Decorations are set up during the first week of December and dismantled in the first week of January.  Teams are assigned to each designated area. They set up lighted trees, hang wreaths, and arrange table displays. They unpack (and re-pack) all materials.  Members of Broadmead’s Maintenance Dept. deliver materials to each area and return materials to storage in the upper level entrance closet on dismantling day.  The committee collaborates with the Flower Committee to supply poinsettia plants to decorate the dining tables and the main area of the Community Center.



ORGANIZER: Bobbie Cook

WHERE: Community Center

WHEN: As scheduled

DETAILS: Each cluster elects a Hospitality Chair.  The chairs are responsible for welcoming new residents, and they help to assimilate new residents into the Broadmead community. The Cluster Hospitality Rep contacts prospective residents as they move, and is available to them afterwards. The chairs gather occasionally in the Community Center to share ideas.  They sponsor a BRA Christmas Party and Social Welcoming New Residents receptions each year.



ORGANIZERS: Bruce Russell
WHERE: Auditorium
WHEN: Various
DETAILS: It has been a long-standing tradition at Broadmead that each new male resident be given the opportunity to be the presenter at a Saturday morning men’s social. The main purpose of this gathering is to build camaraderie among the men residing here. The coordinating committee organizes the meetings by reserving space, arranging refreshments, advertising, and recruiting speakers.


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